Betsy Haibel has an Online Presence

Betsy Haibel

is a full-stack web developer

is passionate about:

  • test-driven development
  • modern Javascript — through a progressive enhancement lens
  • callback-light, yet Rails-y, backend designs


  • Deep knowledge of Ruby and Rails. Fluent in Javascript. Some Perl, PHP, Objective-C/iOS, Python, Java, Haskell, Elm, Elixir.
  • Strong knowledge of the Ruby ecosystem, including multiple web frameworks (Rails, Sinatra, Hanami) and test frameworks (RSpec, Cucumber, Shoulda, Minitest).
  • "Speaks designer" - comfortable liaising with design teams with varying levels of web-specific experience.
  • Experience building production systems in modern Javascript frameworks (React, Angular, Mithril), as well as older methods (JQuery, PJAX, Bootstrap, d3). Some framework-free JS. Karma, Mocha, Jasmine for testing. Writes her own Webpack configs.
  • Strong CSS3 and SCSS fundamentals.
  • Experience with email-specific HTML and CSS
  • Strong in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator

Professional Experience

Member of Technical Staff

  • Built and maintained fundraising management software using technologies including Ruby, Rails, PostgreSQL, Redis, JQuery/PJAX, React, Node.
  • Untangled and modernized years-untouched views that were core to various donation management workflows.
  • Worked closely with new-to-the-web graphic designer to bring his aesthetic vision to life without sacrificing UX goals.
  • Built rules-based permissioning to allow tiered customer service workflows, while maintaining security of shared data in a multi-tenant environment.

Senior Applications Developer

  • Built and maintained custom business software using technologies including Ruby, Rails, MySQL, MongoDB, Redis, JavaScript, CoffeeScript, AngularJS, Kafka, Elasticsearch.
  • Extracted banner management module from flagship e-commerce app; expanded it into a full-fledged custom content management system capable of serving complicated holiday promotional needs
  • served as lead developer and project manager on a year-end order accounting audit process. Duties included identifying of inconsistent accounting data, identifying and implementing corrections to said inconsistencies, and resolving the root causes of data inconsistencies

Senior Software Engineer

  • Maintained and did day-to-day feature development for Rails-based ed-tech application, sometimes to tight deadlines.
  • Evangelized for, and got, a gradual migration of the app test suite from a non-DRY hodgepodge of custom helpers to something which followed RSpec convention.
  • Led extensive refactoring/unification of curricular metadata archictecture.
  • Extended search functionality using Elasticsearch.

Senior Ruby Developer

  • Maintained and did day-to-day feature development for Rails-based blood glucose tracking application, with a strong focus on testing and security.
  • Integrated Rails frontend with the Java-based API used by a related iOS app.
  • Wrote reasonably complete Cucumber test suite from near-scratch; in the process, dealt with the pitfalls inherent in complex test fixtures, cleaning of multiple databases, mocking of an extensive HTTPS API, and XPath table traversal.
  • Led Rails 3 upgrade.
  • Go-to developer for Ruby-specific questions.

Senior Web Developer

  • Overhauled flagship Rails application, the DIY Project Planner - was heavily involved in a complete UI redesign, and solely responsible for the ensuing near-ground-up rewrite and necessary data migrations.
  • Maintained four Rails applications, including systems administration duties.
  • Integrated with external systems with varying levels of API coverage.
  • Did some UI design work; shepherded others' work from "concept" to "specification."
  • Mentored junior front-end developer/Drupal developer
  • Rebuilt server environment and reconstructed corrupted MySQL data following a severe hacking incident.

Junior Engineer/Event Producer

  • Completely overhauled look and feel of Interchange-based e-commerce module, including hard-coded admin interface elements.(Original templates were written in an unholy mix of Perl, HTML, and a Perl-based custom tag language.)
  • Designed web pages and related graphics, adhering strictly to client style guides.
  • Wrote documentation and other technical support materials.
  • Assisted lead developer in maintenance and testing of large Perl application.

Freelance Theater Technician

  • As Set Designer, duties included graphic design.
  • As Scenic Artist, duties included project management and implementing loosely defined design concepts.
  • As Assistant Stage Manager, supervised 40+-person teams and coordinated events.


  • University of Maryland, computer and information science major (28 credits completed)
  • Montgomery College, technical theater major (54 credits completed)
  • Montgomery Blair High School Math/Science/Computer Science Magnet program, grad. 2004

For further information, contact me.