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Tech Itself

Type Mismatch Errors and RSpec

in which a bizarre error is troubleshot

ActiveRecord::Base.first Is Nondeterministic

in which a bizarre error is troubleshot

Haskell, Vectors, and Implicit Knowledge

The values of our educational materials create our community values.


Midnight Suns

There's more light than I expected, under the ocean that drowns the day.

Tech Culture

Empathy for the Truth-Tellers

Don't dismiss honest anger because it's angry.

Drinkups Are Rape Culture

Bodily autonomy isn’t only about sex.

There and Back Again


Toxic Until Proven Healthy

Why people don't trust *your* startup's culture.

Abuse By Reddit: Proxy Recruitment in Tech

Proxy Recruitment in Tech

Ruby, Codes of Conduct, and Integrity

Sometimes integrity and "niceness" are opposed.